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I'm the author of Bootstrapping Machine Learning, the first guide to Predictive APIs, and a co-founder of, the world's first conference on Predictive APIs and Predictive Apps. My goal is to help people use new machine learning technologies to make their apps and businesses smarter. I do this by writing, speaking and teaching.



I use my blog to share my knowledge and my experiences. My most popular articles are:

I've also guest-posted on these sites:

Check out the Machine Learning Starter Kit for a selection of my best content to download and read offline (plus an IPython notebook for the coders out there)!


Here is a selection of places where I've given talks:

  • Conferences: APIcon UK,, Pycon France
  • Workshops: Telefonica, ICML, NIPS, University College London, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Meetups: Paris Hackers, Paris Machine Learning, BordeauxJS, HumanTalks (video in French), Datanight.

You'll find some of my slides on Slideshare. I also do online presentations, as in this hands-on webinar I did for (video recording inside).

Get in touch if you'd like me to speak at your event or in your webinar!


  • 30-day email course: delivered by email in bite-sized pieces, this course is designed to give you a practical overview of Machine Learning and of the key things to know. Get it with my free Machine Learning Starter Kit!

  • Online workshop: this course takes place with up to 10 people on a Google Hangouts session where I demonstrate live the key points covered in Bootstrapping Machine Learning and where attendees can ask me questions.

  • Machine Learning Bootcamp: in continuation of my book, I have also created a 3-day technical course for those interested in programmatic Machine Learning and in creating predictive apps.

  • Machine Learning for Business I provide a customizable course for non-technical people who want to understand what Machine Learning can bring to their business and how.

Get in touch for more information and to book a course!

More about me

I'm a partner at Codole, a consultancy that specializes in innovation management, data science, and web apps.

In the past few years, I have bootstrapped new technologies in three innovative web applications. I served as Chief Science Officer and then Product Manager at Concept Immo Global, where I was in charge of starting a Research & Development program and turning it into a product. I also co-founded eAuteur, the first fully automated copyright protection service (based on trusted digital time-stamping).

In the academic world, I organized the "Exploration vs Exploitation" challenge and the associated workshop on website optimization at the International Conference on Machine Learning in 2011. I did a PhD in Machine Learning at University College London under the supervision of Prof. John Shawe-Taylor.

See more on my LinkedIn.

Outside of technology I like playing football, ping pong, tennis, running, hiking, hitting the gym, listening to and making music, making short films and watching longer ones.


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