Louis Dorard
Louis Dorard
Author of the Machine Learning Canvas

The Machine Learning Canvas

Design better Machine Learning systems. Keep teams of scientists, engineers and managers focused on the same objectives.

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How to download the Machine Learning Canvas

  1. Find it on Google Docs

  2. Click on the File menu

  3. Choose Make a copy
    Download as (Word, PDF, and other formats available)

The Machine Learning Canvas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It is free to download by anyone.

Let me know how you use the canvas!

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The ML Canvas is providing our clients real business value by supplying the first critical entry point for their implementation of predictive applications. It has supported numerous use cases across industries.
Ingolf Mollat, Principal Consultant at Blue Yonder
It’s by far the best framework I’ve seen to help clients discover uses for their data, and to keep everyone focused on the same goal.
Diego Ventura, Customer Success at MonkeyLearn, Inc