New website

Hey, visitors! I am happy to announce the launch of where I will be talking about my professional activities, starting with my upcoming book, Bootstrapping Machine Learning.

I am writing this ebook to help people create better, smarter apps, thanks to the use of prediction APIs. For this, I focus on  the minimum necessary for newcomers to get started and to exploit the power of their data. I teach what Machine Learning can be used for and what algorithms are supposed to do — but not how they work, which allows to skip the maths. All of this is illustrated with practical use cases. The dedicated ebook webpage features a sample PDF to download, and you can also preorder now to get a discount when the ebook comes out in December 2013. Go check it out for more information!

Besides featuring new products, I also intend to use this site in order to relate my experiences and to pass on my learnings to others.

Hope to see you back here soon!