A unique approach to ML training & consulting

  • Complete overview of ML, from data pre-processing to deployment in production.
  • Top-down, results-first and experimentation-driven approach. Focus on practical and real-world ML applied to concrete case studies. Experiment faster with ML-as-a-Service and ML studios.
  • [Devs] Tools & open-source libraries pre-installed for you (in a cluster or a container).
  • Free electronic copy of Bootstrapping Machine Learning and additional resources to share within your team.

Learn from an international expert


Hi, I'm Louis. I'm an independent consultant. I help companies get started with Machine Learning and I teach at University College London School of Management.

I'm also the author of Bootstrapping Machine Learning and the general chair of PAPIs (International Conference on Predictive Applications and APIs). I draw on my experience and knowledge of the industry's best practices, most-used techniques and modern tools to provide you with the best advice and the most relevant content.