Some organizations who use the canvas

The Machine Learning Canvas is a template for developing new or documenting existing intelligent systems based on Machine Learning.

It is a visual chart with elements describing the key aspects of such systems: value proposition, data to learn from (to create predictive models), utilization of predictions (to create proposed value), requirements, and measures of performance.

It helps teams of data scientists, software engineers, product and business managers, align their activities.

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The Machine Learning Canvas is providing our clients real business value by supplying the first critical entry point for their implementation of predictive applications. Because of this it has become a key part of our official Business Manager Training Program within the Data Science Academy and has so far supported numerous use cases across industries.
Ingolf Mollat, Principal Consultant at Blue Yonder
I see the Canvas as a very efficient and effective tool to help business people and data scientists plan Predictive Analytics projects in a systematic and proper way. It helps focus on the right things and identify weak spots.
— Franc Bacun, PhD (works for a major bank in Slovenia)