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Are you still wondering what Machine Learning can do for you? Not sure how to get started?

In the age of data and artificial intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) seems to be all the rage. Prediction APIs and ML-as-a-service are now making it accessible to everyone. In just 196 pages, this book teaches you how to make these tools work for you. It’s the fastest way for managers and developers to gain practical ML knowledge.

You will learn the possibilities and limitations of ML, how to formulate your own ML problem, and how to approach it with the right tools — not complex algorithms.

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Our clients have been asking for a book like this for some time. We are now ordering copies in bulk for them!
Francisco Martin, CEO at BigML Inc.
This is an ideal book for business professionals who want to understand what the heck is machine learning and what it can do for their business.
Ali Syed, CEO of Persontyle, Data Science Centre of Excellence
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Example use cases

Improve users' experience by observing behavior and predicting needs/interests
Exploit the value of customer data: predict churn, upsell opportunities, revenue, and optimize offerings
Save time by automatically categorizing documents and prioritizing tasks
… and more covered in the book!

Start your own ML project

The book teaches you what makes ML work and what are the limitations, so you’ll be able to develop your own original ideas of ML applications. You’ll learn how to incorporate domain knowledge into your ML system, and how to create value from predictions.

Use ML-as-a-Service

While others are investing time and money to build their own ML algorithms and infrastructure, you can be much quicker by adopting Predictive APIs and ML-as-a-Service. Bootstrapping Machine Learning teaches you how, so, you can focus on the most critical aspects for the success of your project: preparing data and acting on predictions.


I recommend this book to a developer or startup looking to start using machine learning quickly and effectively.
— Jason Brownlee, founder of
This book is very good. I love the formalization of ML problems that you provide. I wish I’d read this earlier in my life!
David Bruant, Web Developer

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About the author

Hi! I’m Louis, I’m an independent consultant and a Machine Learning specialist. I created the Machine Learning Canvas and founded the, the 1st series of international conferences dedicated to real-world ML applications, and to the innovations, techniques and tools that power them. I’m also an adjunct teaching fellow at UCL School of Management and a board member of France is AI.

My goal is to help you create smarter applications and businesses by using Machine Learning. Previously I served as Head of R&D in a technology startup and I created a web-based business. I have been working in ML for more than 10 years and I hold a PhD from University College London.

Louis presents machine learning in a way that is both extremely approachable and directly applicable — a winning combo.
— Guillaume Bazouin, Project Coordinator - Analyst at Stanford
The book’s case study is really awesome! You follow Louis’s reasoning on a concrete example that you can relate to. All the steps and choices made along the way are explained in a very clear way.
— JB Goulain, CTO at Neocamino