ML is a set of techniques which is at the heart of Data Science. It powers predictive technology and it can be applied to serve the following business objectives: 

  • reduce user/customer attrition with churn prediction
  • acquire new customers through lead scoring and marketing campaigns optimization
  • cross-sell products with targeted campaigns and personalized recommendations
  • optimize products and pricing by finding patterns in commerce data
  • increase customer engagement by predicting their needs and interests
  • improve operations by predicting demand (or improve resource management by predicting usage)
  • save time by automating tasks
  • make your team more productive, with predictive enterprise apps

I’ve written about this in more detail in this post: 9 ways Data Science can improve your business.

Your business can collect various sorts of data: customer data, sales/e-commerce data, usage data, internal data, logs… Whether big or small, this data holds tremendous value. Next-generation data analysis tools remove Making Learning’s barrier to entry, making it easier to unlock this value than you may think (you won’t have to hire a team of Data Scientists).



My name is Louis Dorard, I am the author of Bootstrapping Machine Learning, which is the first book to teach ML through the use of Predictive APIs. As a former Chief Science Officer, Product Manager and CEO in technology startups, I am experienced in using technology to deliver business value. Also, as the General Chair of, the International Conference on Predictive APIs and Apps, I am on top of the latest developments in this space and of how other companies are using predictive technology to get value from their data (read more about me here).

I can help you get started with Machine Learning by guiding you through the steps, taking out the guesswork, and using my experience.

The customised ML “crash course” provided us with the right level of information to gain a business understanding of ML and of its possibilities in our company. Louis provided great feedback on our ideas and recommendations for choosing the right technology. The ML canvas also proved to be a very good tool to formalise our ideas and to prioritise developments!
Adrian Measures, CEO at Neocamino

Email Consultation ($300)


I start email consultations with a 15-minute call in which you tell me about your business. Then, I take some time offline to think about a few ideas and I send you an email with some specific questions. When I get your answers, I work on a written report that contains my analysis of your business and its opportunities.

What you get:

  • strategic recommendations and actionable feedback on your business's opportunities with data, sent to you via email


ML Acceleration (starting at $1500)

Focusing on your business for a full day allows me to make a more refined analysis of its opportunities with data. After my initial analysis, I will spend some time to teach you Machine Learning essentials that will help you lead your projects in the best way possible. This personalized teaching will be interactive, so you’ll be able to ask me questions as you like and I'll learn more about your business along the way.

I'll guide you through iterations of the Machine Learning Canvas, which we'll use to specify the most interesting use cases for your company (low-hanging fruit and strategic), to identify useful data sources and required transformations, evaluate feasibility, identify critical points and specify how to control the performance of the ML system. Finally, I will recap everything in a written report.

What you get:

  • Face-time with me to discuss your business, problems, questions
  • More refined analysis of your business's opportunities with data
  • Custom crash-course in Machine Learning focusing on just what's useful for your business
  • Detailed report you'll be able to refer to later and share internally, containing:
    • A review of prior art relevant to your business and its problems
    • Strategic recommendations of ways you should apply ML
    • Formalizations with the Machine Learning Canvas
    • Recommendations of tools to use, IP strategy, etc.
    • A roadmap for building a proof of concept
  • Team licence for Bootstrapping Machine Learning, to share the book and resources with your colleagues (up to 10 people)

I can work on-site or remotely (with video chat and collaborative screen sharing). This 1st day of consulting can also be extended if you need more advice, extra help, or if you want to speed things up with your project.


This session gave us many ideas for improving our current ML systems and evaluating them! Louis helped identify issues we were not fully aware of. Applying the ML Canvas to our problems was definitely one of the highlights. It’s a great framework for discussing ML problems between all stakeholders and keeping everyone on the same page. Looking forward to a follow-up session soon!
— Nicolas Schwartz, Tech Lead at BlaBlaCar


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